Tom Watts

May 16, 2017


Team Member - Tom Watts

I am a recruiter with nearly 10 years of experience in the industry. For the majority of my career I have recruited into the energy sector both in the UK and internationally. Recruitment has allowed me to gain an enormous amount of life experience and has helped me to develop on a personal and professional level. Over the last 10 years I have seen the good and the bad of the industry and I feel this has left me very well positioned to provide a service that candidates and clients can rely on.

I get most excited about building long term relationships with clients and candidates alike, and I am forever aiming to be the person that people turn to first when they are either looking for their next career move or they need to employ somebody into their team. Working for Chronos also allows me the flexibility and independence to tailor solutions to best fit the situation at hand, I believe that sets both myself and Chronos apart.

I am hoping that through expanding my network on a daily basis, offering a trustworthy and reliable service and staying up to date with all of the energy industries market changes that I will play apart in making Chronos the number 1 agency in the energy and utilities sector.

When work is done I take great pleasure in spending time with my family. I am a proud father and enjoy anytime I get to spend with my son. I am a keen sportsman and have played both cricket and rugby to competitive level. I love to cook food from all over the world but Italian probably excites me the most washed down with a nice glass of red wine.